The eternal hunter

One day, Count Eberhard von Würtenberg rode alone to Grünwald. He wanted to hunt for fun. Suddenly he heard a loud roar and noise, as if a hunter came by. Heavily shocked, he sensed some formless being to be standing on the steed and stepping on a…

Those days Klettenberg opposite to Unterharz was a seat of Brandenburg. There, not far from the village Hochstadt, you could see a lake which was actually a sinkhole. Regional folks had a tale to tell about it.

Once in the past, there was a grass pasture instead of the lake…

legend from the Bernese Oberland, that is highlands in the canton of Bern, Switzerland.

The story comes from two tiny villages, namely Ralligen beside the Lake Thun and Schillingsdorf, a place in the Grindelwald valley blocked by a mountain fall. …

Till nineteenth century, people in the Swiss Alps preserved many legends of dragons and worms. They say that long ago, those creatures had lived in the mountains but often came down to the valleys causing catastrophe. Whenever a violent wild stream plunged on the. …

I wanted to visit all the historical locations in the Western State and that was reason I opted to move to Ahmedabad. But my moving to Gujarat coincided with COVID. And I stayed locked in home during my entire stay there. I missed history! What I found instead Past, was…

Dewana Madina

This is a medieval Bengali Ballad composed by a rural bard Mansoor Baiyati. How religious it is or how compliant it is with Islamic commandments? We do not know - Bengalis do not even bother. Islam in Bengal never followed hardliner tradition – poems, songs and music are…

A Bengali Folktale from Upendrakishor Roychoudhury’s collection

In a village lived a Brahmin and his wife. The Brahmin was stupid but his wife was smart. So the Brahmani took care of all cores while the Brahmin only ate and sleep. She had the spirit of a real warrior — even…

The child was too heavy

On 8th June of 1686, two noblemen on their way to Chur in Switzerland spotted a baby wrapped in linen lying on a roadside bush. One of the noblemen was especially kind. He ordered his servant to get down and pick up the baby so…

Isn’t love a mysterious word? What is this enigma called love? We ten authors tried to demystify. Explore now!

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Also for India

Written by Pankaj Dubey, Dr. Kheya Baidya, S. ArunKumar, Kathakali Mukherjee, Pradyumna Mishra, Afshen Kkhan, Devang Desai, Nazneen Kachwala, Purnesh Bhattacharya, Sufihouse
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